10 best apps for Instagram


Instagram is by far one of the most popular social media platforms in the world today, with nearly two out of every three adults aged 18-29 using the photo-sharing app. From this group, there are probably two types of Instagram users: those who conscientiously care about the overall look of their feed and how they share Stories, and those who simply post to document snippets of their life online. Whatever type of user you are, there are quite a handful of both popular and lesser-known apps that would help you post photos better, and share Stories with more flair. After all, if this is the platform you use the most, why not try to level-up a bit and have more fun experimenting with post-processing photos and layout design?


1. Lightroom Mobile

With Adobe Lightroom as the industry standard for professional photographers’ photo post-processing work, the mobile version of one of Adobe’s most popular photo-editing software is within anyone’s reach. With its intuitive interface and straightforward editing features, you can easily brighten up and sharpen your photos with just a few swipes. Many creatives and photographers also share and sell their Lightroom presets which enables you to “copy” their editing styles onto your own photos with a single tap.

Photo:  adobe

Photo: adobe

2. Adobe Photoshop Fix

Want to remove random people in the background of your travel photo? Or erase some blemishes on your skin on a portrait shot? Adobe Photoshop Fix is the best app to retouch your photos, allowing you to heal, liquify, lighten (or darken), recolor, and retouch images with a few quick taps and swipes. Best paired with Lightroom, of course.

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