8 Female Scandipop Artists


SCANDINAVIAN pop is a genre unto itself, and perhaps living in some of the happiest places on earth has had an exceptional influence on the music Scandinavian artists create. In recent years, Scandipop is making Nordic waves in music charts around the world– with experimental sound, powerful lyrics, and an overall progressive approach defining its unique sound.

Most Scandipop artists you may probably already know are Swedish – most notably ABBA of Mamma Mia! fame and house music supergroup Swedish House Mafia. Indie pop artist and model Lykke Li and breakout singer Zara Larsson are Swedish as well.

That said, there is more to Scandipop than ABBA’s music (and electropop made popular by Icona Pop and Tove Lo) – the genre also comprises, after all, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, and Finnish acts. This article is a shortlist of eight up-and-coming female artists from these Northern European countries who are likely to get you hooked on their eclectic sound.


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I think pop is the coolest genre. It’s so honest, it’s brutally honest. It can be cheesy, but cheesy stuff is cool. British Vogue

Sigrid Raabe is a Norwegian singer-songwriter who won BBC Music’s Sound of 2018, rising to fame from her infectious pop single “Don’t Kill My Vibe” and her vibrant energy. This 22-year-old artist has created an effortless image that is uniquely, unwaveringly Sigrid – with her vintage tees, faded jeans, sneakers, and light makeup. “I have a vision, and that is to be 60, 70 and I have a cat and make new records and have a good time. The big one is to be happy with what I do,” says Sigrid in a VEVO interview.


Elsa & Emilie

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Elsa and Emilie started playing music at 13, and in 2014 went on to earn a Grammy nomination for their dark pop songs and which were featured prominently on Norwegian radio





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photo: press


girl in red

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Anna of the North