9 Beautiful Libraries in Asia

Photo by  Atsushi Ishida

THE structure, design, and concept of a library is ever-changing – the Dewey Decimal System is becoming an outdated system of cataloguing and is now replaced with barcodes and sophisticated check-out counters. In Taiwan, you can return books in certain “neighbourhood reading rooms” around the city. In Hanoi, Vietnam, there is a library with a built-in aquaponic system and climbing frame.

Libraries have become not only a place for studying, reading, and research – rather, they are now also wide open spaces where ideas can thrive and for people to collaborate on projects. Below is a shortlist of what Cosmic Latte deems some of the most beautiful libraries that any book-lover would want to stay in all day. This list is not comprehensive, but it is a selection of libraries wherein the size is adequately large enough for study and leisurely reading, has all the features expected of a library, and more.

Photo by  Nop Chamny

Photo by Nop Chamny

1. National Library Singapore – Singapore, Singapore

White wavy bookshelves


photo by  nadia

photo by nadia

2. Kaohsiung Public Library Kaohsiung, Taiwan

3. Starfield Library Seoul, South Korea

4. Takeo City Library Japan

5. Toyama City Public Library and Glass Art Museum Toyama, Japan

6. Taipei Public Library Beitou Branch Beitou, Taiwan

7. Nakajima Library Akita, Japan

8. Musashino Art University Museum and Library Musashino, Japan

9. Kikuchi City Central Library Kaohsiung, Taiwan